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FairGaming was started in 2012 by owner Rainer “Geniside” Tenner, who wanted to create a safe space for gamers to play in. We are a community that helps each other, stand by each other and support each other. We started as a small community and we are slowly getting bigger.

Our latest idea was to grow the community with bringing Counter Strike: Global Offence teams into FairGaming. We want to bring in teams for other games like Dota 2, Players Unknown Battlegrounds and Overwatch. We want to grow FairGaming to be the most recognizable Multi-Gaming Organisation in South Africa. We are not only involved in E-sports and you will find our name in various MMORPG’s.

Everyone is welcome to join our Steam group to find people to play different games together. You are also welcome to connect on our Discord and Teamspeak teamspeak.fairgaming.io.